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Peoria Islamic Community Center Project

The Strategic Planning Committee of the Islamic Center of Peoria (ICP) has embarked upon a long-term, phased plan to build facilities where our youth and the Muslim community as a whole can Pray, Learn and Play together.
By the Grace and Mercy of Allah, we were able to secure the necessary funds and purchase a $450K piece of land that is centrally located and large enough (13 acres) to accommodate our projected needs for the next 20 years.
Project land is located at 4213 W Charter Oak Rd, Peoria, IL - 61615.
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Alhamdulillah, in June 2008, the land acquisition was completed along with the required zoning permit.

Islamic School

ICP's most immediate need is classroom facilities that can be used for both Daarul 'Uloom, the fulltime Islamic school, and ICP weekend school. In sha' Allah, at the projected rate of growth, Daarul 'Uloom will outgrow the facility it currently uses by the end of the 2009 - 2010 school year.

Youth Center

In sha' Allah, the Peoria Islamic Community Center will provide a multi-purpose facility that can be used by the local Muslim community for indoor sports, youth activities, and social gatherings. It will also be available for use by the full time and weekend schools. The grounds surrounding the center will provide for athletic, recreational and social activities.


Once the Islamic school and Youth Center are established, we will In sha' Allah start building the new masjid to accommodate the community growth.

Peoria Community Statistics (2008 December)

  • About 350 known families in Peoria Area
  • About 250 kids (under 8 years)
  • About 150 teenagers/youth (9-18 years)
  • There are many more families which we don't have them on record as of yet
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